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Thread: Trouble shooting a Nano Biscotti V3

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    Unhappy Trouble shooting a Nano Biscotti V3

    So I took apart my Nano Biscotti V3 saber to use the SD card to transfer some files. I was an idiot and forgot to unscrew the saber holder. So the wires got yanked on.

    Now when I removed the kill key it does make a startup sound and is charged, but it won't light up.

    Could using the SD card that way cause such a problem?
    Or, do I need to test the wiring with a multimeter, or some other method?

    Looking for the best method here. Thanks.

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    I’d check ALL of your wiring first. If something was “yanked on”, something probably came loose/apart.

    After that, I’d review all of your configuration files, to make sure they’re ok.
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