Hey everyone been a while just though id drop in and say hello.

Its been a long few months here and i finally finished my 4th build and though id show some shots of my others too.

Here are the 3 personal ones. Bottom is Grace, middle is untitled, and top is custom DV6.

All 3 are proffieboard V2.2 with 1in thick walled neopixel blades.
I designed Grace and DV6 to use a custom kill switch with micro usb port for charging as well as micro usb port to program and access the sd cards.

The chassis for Grace is fdm custom printed to hold all internals and fit into the thinner hilt section.
The other 2 are resin printed to custom fit the hilts.
The dv6 has 2 6 led strips installed on each side of the chassis. I milled the inside of the upper part of the hilt out to 1 in to be able to use a 1in thick-walled blade I will be milling the lower section of the hilt to allow these to be seen while its closed up. Just need to schedule some mill time to get it done.

Here are some of the custom saber as I was milling and test fitting the parts. I forgot to get some shots of the internals. but it uses a standard kill key with an extension port to access programming the proffie and accessing the sd card. If you would like to see inside let me know and ill get some teardown shot of it.