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Thread: Help with CFX/Madcow HOTH sound font

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    Default Help with CFX/Madcow HOTH sound font

    Hey all,

    Purchased two CFX v10 cards from TCSS for two different builds and all went smoothly. I really like the HOTH sound font they came with and they are on both builds.
    Love the Wampa "force & force2" sound clips, but I discovered the extra file at the top of the sound file and they contain Solo about the TanTan smell and Obi's request for Luke to visit Yoda's planet as combo's 1,2 3,4. I can't get those to play no matter how I swing, hit AUX while swinging, striking blade/AUX.
    Need a bit of help here. Thanks to all!

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    Yu may need to have the combos active for those to work. I haven’t really looked at them.
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