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Thread: Vintage ultra sound 2.1 wiring

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    Default Vintage ultra sound 2.1 wiring

    Hi guys
    I've not been here for a while but 13 years ago I built a couple of mhs sabers with lux III's and MR sound boards.
    1 of which has finally broken whilst rummaging thro my old bits I found a new/never used ultrasound 2.1 board.
    So I want to use that to fix the broken saber.
    I have searched the web and forums for wiring diagrams or Images with limited success. I found the operating instructions ect but its the wiring I want to make sure of ...
    With the solder pads at the top of the board I know the left 2 pads are for the battery the next 2 in moving to the right are for the led but I don't know which are wich with the last 2 pairs of solder pads. ( switch and speaker) i can't make out the "s" or "sw" writing on the board itself. does anyone know off hand or have a link to an actual image or diagram to Confirm the wiring please ? Tried to attach a pic of my board but the upload from my phone keeps failing for some reason.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Found an ultrasound 2.0 demo video on YouTube where I can see the wiring so I'm all set.


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