Hi. I'm going to start my very own first customsaber, and I'm going for the CF10MK3 in-hilt LED and an MHS-build.
I'm not supersure on what items I need so I thought I'd list the parts I've got so far, and hopefully someone can tell me the rest of the items I would need to get this saber fully functioning!

The List:

Crystal Focus X (CFX) MK3
CFX Schematic Mat :P
2 16mm RGB Momentary Switches BLACK
Tri Cree XP-E2 Copper Base Red / Green / Royal Blue
Tri Cree Lens/Holder
MHS CopperNova Cooler Heat Sink
KR 28mm 4ohm 3W speaker

And I'm unsure which wires and how much I'm going to need.
As for anything else, I'd appreciate any feedback on the items I have so far, and what more I need.