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Thread: Kylo Ren Unhinged sound font help

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    Default Kylo Ren Unhinged sound font help

    Hey all,
    Purchased and installed the Unhinged Kylo Ren sound font from Ron/Madcow at Saber Fonts. Loaded fine and getting excellent sounds. Purchased a bunch from him and all are awesome.
    Problem is, I just get the standard Neopixel colors and not any "distressed" fire flashing like you see in Ron's video for the font. I know his fonts do not include a font_config file and Saber Font told me to use any file from any CFX v10 file to put in.
    My question is...where do I go and change things to get that distressed look on the blade that Ron had in his video?
    Thanks to all!
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    You can go to , they have a lot of blade styles (and their configs) that you can view and mimic.
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    Got it and visited the CFX site. Learned to copy/paste/change many things. Worked out fantastic! Learning day by day. Changed several of my fonts. Thank you TCSS moderator! Just needed a point in the right direction.


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