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Thread: CFX - General Power Cutoff Switch - Question About Power Ratings

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    Default CFX - General Power Cutoff Switch - Question About Power Ratings I am reading through the CFX manual and familiarizing myself with all of the necessary wiring and procedures, I find a section about recharge ports and general power switches. I don't need the former in this build, since I'll be constructing an internal battery holder for removable cells, but the latter has my attention. Long-term storage of the saber without frequent use comes with a recommendation to kill power to the board, to prevent passive drain. Sounds great! But...the switch recommended in the manual (TS01CBE) appears to be rated for only 3A. The cells recommended for use with this board are rated for at least 10A cutoff with internal protection, and because it will be an LED strip blade, I can see myself getting up there in amperage. The cells I'm using are rated for 15A.

    Am I missing something, or is that 5x the power these switches are rated for? Wouldn't I just blow the switch the instant I close the circuit?
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