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    Hello there. I have a 2010 sound card from a bladebuilders darth Vader but for some reason if I connect the 5w led to a positive and the negative to the led neg on the board, the 5w led comes on very dim. With or without the lightsaber on. But the led fitted to the board works as it should running with the std 3 aaa setup 4.5v is there a problem with the board or is there a way to get round this.thank you
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    you need a PNP transistor because the forward voltage on a high emitter LED is more than Stock led on the board

    Here is a good video tutorial on how to wire the transistor and LED. You might even want to get a micropuck or buckpack if you donít want to use a resistor on the LED.

    Befor/after wiring images from the same YouTube video.
    Hope this help if youíre still stuck
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