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Thread: Thoughts on modding a disney Saavi's workshop saber?

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    Ok then. Received the Disney Parks Exclusive Rey saber and removed the internals on everything. Same parts as the Vader one, so I'm savy on duplicating this build. Just a few differences in the hilt that I'll work out.
    I'll be using the clamp card switch as the activation and the AUX will be smaller and well hidden. Want to make it look like Anakin/Luke/Rey's.
    I also bought some new fonts to put on the SD card.....Heirloom (Luke's blue ANH & TESB), Tie (Tie fighters that sounded real cool), Unhinged (Kylo's distressed blade that looks great) and a couple of other ones I have on my Vader (Luke's green ROTJ, Rey's yellow, Hoth planet ice blue and Obi's blue).
    I'll post as I progress.

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    Almost forgot.....I removed the colored BIC pen caps on the Vader switches and replaced them with cut down automotive rubber vacuum caps. The black vacuum caps blends in with the grip strips and hides the switches wonderfully. The rubber is also easy on the fingers.

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    Hey all,
    I finished my Disney Parks Exclusive Rey/Luke/Anakin saber today and it turned out great. Same internals as the Vader one, so it was just duplicating. A few differences, but nothing major.
    What I did do is purchase several sound fonts from All were Ron's/Madcow smooth swings and are excellent. My favorite is the TIE Fighter font and especially the Kylo Ren font with the crackling sounds and distressed blade color. Looks just like in the movies. What I also learned and did, was add blade profiles to the config file from the Plector site. Had a great video on how to do it and assign a profile to each sound font. Now that I know, I'm going to do the same with my Vader saber and give each font their own blade profile. I like the rain sizzle, flickering & pulsing ones.
    I'll post pics/videos soon.


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