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Thread: Anyone have experience with this blade holder?

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    Default Anyone have experience with this blade holder?

    Hey all, I'm thinking about making a hilt/blade saber (Luke green ROTJ/Obi Wan type) thin neck style from the blade holder-to-thin spacer-to-choke-to-thin spacer-to ribbed extension and was wondering if anyone built this with the TCSS thin neck blade holder. It seems the holder only goes in between .53" & .60", while other regular holders go in around 1.5" or so. This won't be for dueling, but just for show and the usual blade smacking by hand.
    Any experience or input? Thanks!
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    As that’s only been out for a few weeks, I’m going to guess that there aren’t that many build with it… yet. If you’re not going to try to duel with it, you should be just fine.
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    Thank you FJK Moderator. It will just be for making a Luke ROTJ Green with just light blade strikes for effects and no dueling at all. Luke's Green is my favorite and I want to build it, even though the thin neck holder is more Obi Wan with the vent holes and missing the front holder rim. I can live with that.


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