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Thread: Black Friday/Cyber Monday?

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    Default Black Friday/Cyber Monday?

    I’ve been away for the past couple of years, but just a week or 2 ago I started thinking about using this holiday season as a reason to pick up a couple of my lingering projects that need attention.

    I took advantage of the holiday sale from a couple of years ago, and have been keeping an eye out over the past week for info on this year’s sale….but I haven’t seen anything as of yet. And today starts Black Friday, so I figured IF there was going to be anything happening this season, it would either start today, or at least be advertised today (if it was a Cyber Monday-only event).

    I’ve been out of the loop for quite some time and have certainly missed plenty of communication - IS there any planned sale this season?

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    The TCSS Black Friday Sale is live now with 20% Off Sitewide! Some exclusions do apply. Orders will not begin to process until Monday 11/29 and the sale is only valid Today and Tomorrow (25th and 26th).

    Use code: BF21 during checkout.

    We hope you all have a great Thanksgiving Day! 🦃
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    Thank you for the info. By the way, was the info posted somewhere? I was looking at several places on the website that I figured it would be posted, but I couldn’t find the info.

    Thanks again.

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    Well crap - I finally got a chance to try putting in an order, but the main item I was looking for isn’t currently in stock. As a result, I can’t even put in the order to take advantage of the sale.


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