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Thread: First rechargeable stunt saber..... is it charging?

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    Default First rechargeable stunt saber..... is it charging?

    Simply, here is my issue. When plugged in and saber switched off the charger is green. When plugged in and switched on the charger flashes red and the saber flashes as well.
    Is it charging? I followed the schematic... but want to be sure.
    Here is a video link. Apologies for the snoring roommate

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    I don't think it's charging...the indicator on the charger should be red and steady on when it's charging, green when fully charged. The fact it's blinking red says something isn't wired correctly.

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    The recharge port is not wired correctly, indicated by the fact that there's still power running thru the board and into the blade (flashing). A properly wired recharge port kills power to the board when the charging plug is inserted. The recharge port positive post should be wired to the battery and board, opposite post negative to the board, and the "middle" post to the battery negative.


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