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Thread: Tool Recommendations: JST RCY Crimping Pliers & Clamps

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    Default Tool Recommendations: JST RCY Crimping Pliers & Clamps


    Just ordered these crimping pliers via Amazon to crimp the JST RCY connectors sold through TCSS.

    IWISS IWS-3220M US $23.99.
    Cheaper than the Engineer brand and effective.

    Also been using these Dewalt 4.5 " trigger clamps. US $ 6.67 at Home Despot.
    My wife thinks they're cute, so that's a bonus.


    IWISS 3220M

    DeWalt 4.5" Clamp

    Attachment 18034

    Dewalt Clamp
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    The links are invalid.
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    Thanks - they worked when first posted.
    I'll revise and update.


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