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Thread: Force FX NEOPIXEL Conversions

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    Default Force FX NEOPIXEL Conversions

    I have several Black Series/Force FX sabers. I have successfully done a Force FX Darth Vader Tri-Cree LED conversion using the TCSS conversion kit. (the one that includes the heatsink that screws into the bottom of the blade holder)

    I have been wanting to convert my other Force FX stock sabers to NEOPIXEL sabers instead of the LED conversion. After doing quite a bit of research I want to run what I am planning on doing by some of you that have perhaps done this before to see if I am on the right track.

    I would purchase the appropriate conversion kit like I was going to do an LED conversion except instead of using the heatsink and screwing it into the bottom of the metal blade holder, I would purchase the Conversion Kit Pixel Hilt Side LED Module Adapter and install a Pixel Hilt side PCB connector.

    I would also need to completely gut everything below the blade holder and install a custom chassis to hold the soundboard, speaker and the battery.

    Am I on the right track so far?

    Where I am a little fuzzy is the switch or switches.... I realize that the new (proffie/CFX soundboards require momentary switches instead of the latching or toggle switch that comes stock in Force FX sabers. Would I have to somehow find a way to install a couple of momentary/tactile switches into the hilt? Also, could I use the stock toggle switch that comes with the ForceFX as a "kill key or power switch"?

    I realize that I am asking a lot of questions and I apologize if I am making this much harder than it needs to be. It's just that I have not seen hardly any videos or posts that discuss converting MR/Hasbro Force FX sabers into Neopixel sabers with soundboards. If you know of any resources or videos that may be of help to me; please point me in the right direction. and I thank you very much for all of your help.


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    For the most part, you’re on the right track. Regarding the switches, you may be able to use the latching switch as the activation switch with a CFX (you’d have to check the manual), but I think they can support latching for the main switch. The aux switch would have to be an aux switch.
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