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Thread: First time build, checking for completeness and compatibility

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    Default First time build, checking for completeness and compatibility

    Hello! First post, and first saber build. I've been watching videos and perusing the various saber sites, including TCSS for some years now, but have never taken the time to actually get a saber before. Now is the time. I'm looking to build a fairly basic saber, no extra external LEDs, no charging port, nothing like that. I do also want to use this for dueling with my local Saber Legion group (who I will also likely ping for help and comments), so simple exterior seems best.

    For my personal skill level, I've got some experience with DIY crafty stuff, including some wiring and soldering. Otherwise, I probly wouldn't have decided to go full sound board for a first build.

    So, this is the design I came up with.

    Now for the parts list: here.

    My thought, is to have the blade seat all the way down through the slotted extension, onto the main body, so it's got a nice amount of blade in the saber, for added strength when dueling, and to get a neat 'shine through' effect on the body. So my first question, is about inner diameters, for blade clearance. It seems most of the bodies and extensions have something like a 1.25" ID, but the blade holders are 1" ID? And looking at the cutaway view in the builder, the tsuba is also a 1" ID?

    Speaking of deep seating the blade down to the main body, will my heat sink holder fit between the main body and slotted extension without showing through the side? So my LED would be set at the base of the slotted extension, atop the main body.

    For fitment compatibility, I'm planning on using the style 5 speaker holder with the bass speaker, intending to run through the 18650 battery holder with 4/40 all thread. Two questions on this: One, the speaker holder says it's designed to sandwich between the pommel and body, so by securing the battery holder to it, can I basically anchor my electronics so they won't move using just this? Two, is the mounting area on the battery holder sufficient for the Nano Biscotte?

    For LED, I went with the Tri-Cree in a dR/rB/G configuration. I did this, because I'd like a darker purple blade, so I figured the deeper read and blue would help that, but I'd also like the option to do some RGB tuning through the Nano Biscotte later. Is there any reason this wouldn't work as I'm intending? And if anyone has a color example of a purple using the Deep Red and Royal Blue dies, I'd love to see it.

    Is there anything else for the physical saber parts that I'm missing from that list to be able to start building, other than incidentals like wires and heatshrink? Any incompatibilities I missed?
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    Hmm, that looks like a familiar design…

    To answer your questions,

    1. Correct on the IDs, I would have to check on the Tsuba.
    2. No. It’s designed to have the blade holder as the “top piece it slips into”.
    3. Fitment questions: Yes and yes.
    4. “Darker colors” like Deep Red and Royal Blue don’t particular help make a color, they just make is darker. Use the Red, Green, Royal Blue.
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