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Thread: Mr. Plecter's Breadboard Setup Analysis

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    Default Mr. Plecter's Breadboard Setup Analysis

    Hello from Seattle!

    Mr. Plecter has a great test setup that I wanted to shamelessly copy (see screen capture below from imgbb).

    They're from his youtube video "CFX Update Firmware."

    I can identify the basic prototype components, such as the breadboards, pins, push and slide switches, and the CSS inventory items, such as the CFX, speaker, LED strips, OLED screen, and the accent LED's.

    I'd like some help from the Wise Ones Of the Forum (W.O.O.F.) in identifying any other crucial components:

    Center left, just below the CFX: is that a potentiometer?
    And between the speaker wires: is that yellow item a capacitor?

    Any other item of note (or wiring arrangement) that I'm missing?

    Thanks again, as always, for the insights!


    - The Eternal Paduan Apprentice of Dishwasher Organization

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    You have correctly identified those components. The yellow item is a capacitor, and above it is a resistor. It's hard to say what they are for without seeing the back. Maybe hardware denounce on the switches? The slide switches look to be for turning the speakers or LEDs off when not desired. I'm not sure what the extra tactile switch is for. (I haven't watched the video or ever used the CFX)

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    If I had to venture a guess, the third switch is to help reflash the board. The components on the board may just to help determine the final parts that the production board will require.

    Other than the obvious parts, I wouldn’t read too much into the rest, as they may only be temporary items to help him develop stuff. or temporarily control things manually as opposed to doing it through software.
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    Thanks jbkuma, as always, for your advice!

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    Thanks, FJK, for the help!
    (The point about reflashing the board is something I wouldn't have considered ...)


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