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Thread: Another old CFX, new firmware question

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    I've got a pair of CFX boards, one 10.0, one 10.002 I think. I'd like to update to the newest firmware, when I tried to do so using the button method the onboard LED flashed and wouldn't stop seeming to signal that the firmware update didn't happen. I tried updating to 10.005i using RICE through USB and RICE crashed, I tried 10.006 and worked my way down to 001 or 002 when RICE did not crash and allowed me to edit settings. To update firmware am I allowed to skip versions? which software do I need to update firmware? do I need to download the latest soundfont packages to go with the latest RICE versions too?

    thanks in advance for the halp.
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    Yes, you can skip versions. I would recommend that you download the RICE version for the FW you’re planning to go to. I would also make sure you have the matching config package, as there are a lot more settings in say 10.006C as there were in 10.002(whatever).
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    Groovy and thanks for the advice, one CFX is now at 10.005I. The other is waiting on parts which ought to be here tomorrow and will also get updated.


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