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Thread: Interpretation of Wiring Diagrams

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    Hello from Seattle!

    Another question from a bright young engineer-wannabe, for the Wise Ones Of the Forum (W.O.O.F., "You have the parts, we have the smarts").

    The wiring diagram detail shown below is for a CFX with a neopixel blade. The red vertical line runs from the battery positive to the recharge port, with the horizontal lines running, from top to bottom, to the neopixel PCB (top two lines) and the CFX positive port (bottom line).

    His question to the W.O.O.F.:

    "How do I interpret these horizontal lines as real wiring connections?
    As three Y-connections? How is this supposed to look on my workbench with real wire?"

    He thanks you in advance!

    -Mike Lemon

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    They don't have to be Y connections (they can if you need them for space requirements), that's just showing you that those need to share the positive connection. I have found it easier in some cases to solder two or three wires directly to the positive post of the recharge port, and occasionally to the positive pad on the board as well. The same with the negative.

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    I agree with Jay about the Y-connections. However, I rarely ever try to attach two wires (say the positives) to a recharge port. I just attach one, and “y” off of that wire.
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