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Thread: Lost the system menu sounds

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    Default Lost the system menu sounds

    I have been tweaking an old saber build with new fonts and colors using a CFX. In the process somehow I now cannot access the system menu to change color profiles etc. I can't even hear the voice prompts. Everything else seems fine. Any ideas? I cannot locate on the SD card where such files are stored so I assume they are part of the board. I used the bootloader to upload 10.005I again but no change. Any ideas?

    I don't even get the "Sound bank selection" when I long-hold the aux button. It was working one minute, then not the next. But, I can still change the fonts. I cannot however, seem to change the volume etc - but those voice prompts are not coming through -- though it does seem that when I press the aux to cycle through, it is moving through the menu system, but no voice prompts.
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    problem solved -- I had deleted the "extras" folder in the main directory.

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