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Thread: Pixel Stick Show Blade - Blade Side Resistor?

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    Default Pixel Stick Show Blade - Blade Side Resistor?

    Does anyone know if the V2. Pixel stick blades in the store have resistors on the blade side PCB? The description of the pixel strip blades says they are resisted on the blade side, but the description for the v2. pixel sticks doesn't mention anything.

    Also, does anyone know what would happen if you put a standard 330 ohm resister on the data line in the hilt AND used a blade that had a 330 ohm 603 resister on the blade PCB? I am looking into using one of the tri-cree conversion modules that are out there, and some of them need a resistor on the hilt side data line. I'm not certain what would happen if you put two resistors in series on the neopixel data line.

    Thanks for any assistance / answers.

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    Yes, the standard is that the resistor is ALWAYS on the blade side.
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