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Thread: Resistor placement for Illuminated AV switch

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    Question Resistor placement for Illuminated AV switch

    Hello! I am currently building my first Lightsaber, and one of the things that I struggle with is the resistor for the AV switch. It is a regular small resistor. It snaps everytime I assemble the saber. Where would you recommend the resistor be placed? Closer to the soundboard or closer to the switch? Any tips on making a stronger solder for the resistor would be very appreciated, thank you!

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    It realistically can be anywhere on the circuit. Id examine where you currently have it, and find out why its breaking.
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    How is it snapping? As FJK says, it can go anywhere in the circuit, but if you are making proper solder joints it shouldn't be snapping no matter where it is?

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    Agreed, proper solder joints and covered with some heat shrink should be fine

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    Well, I had a very similar question. I don't know about HolyAcorn's lightsaber, but mine is relatively simple - CFX board with only an activation switch (no aux switch) and a high brightness 1 color LED. No bluetooth, no RICE, no kill switch - which means that every time I want to make a change to the configuration file or recharge the battery, I'm pulling the lightsaber apart. Since things are tight in there, the wiring on either side of the resister can get pretty crammed. It hasn't happened yet, but I'm envisioning that solder joint snapping at some point, even though I believe I've soldered it well, used heat shrink, etc.. I assume HolyAcorn may be running into similar. Has anyone run into this?

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    If you made the solder joint properly it is more likely that fatigue will cause one of the leads on the resistor will snap, the wire will break, or you could pull a pad off of the circuit board itself.

    If you are constantly pulling the saber apart, you should consider making a way to support your electronics so that they aren't stressed in a way that would cause them to break.


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