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Thread: Beginning my propmaking adventure!

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    Default Beginning my propmaking adventure!

    Hello! I have been lurking on-and-off for a few years now and finally decided to make an account and join in.

    I've been working on a Jedi costume, with the goal to make as many of the props "real" and functional as I can. For my lightsaber, I did some mockups in wood and found that the MHSV2 diameter feels the best in my hands for holding and dueling, so I plan to build my saber around that. Since I can't justify the expense of a "practice saber" I probably won't use before making one I actually want, I'm trying to build as modular as possible for an economic and easily upgrade-able saber. I'm strongly considering just starting with my internals and chassis so I know exactly what I need before I order any external hilt parts. If this is a good idea or insanity please let me know! I also thought it might be fun to document my progress and put a little index in this post so others can follow along if they want.

    See you around the forums and MTFBWY!
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    Welcome to the Forums.
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