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Thread: Been some time since last visit

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    Default Been some time since last visit

    Hello everyone,

    Just thought id check im and see whats happening,

    Ive been working on my main saber for some time and the upgrades are going good. I finished a DV6 build for my brother in law. Have another DV6 in the wings. I decided to start making my own hilts and have been making good progress. Also made some custom parts for my Grace saber.

    Even finished the body of a frankenstein saber using an old electric screwdriver used on assembly lines.

    Grace v3
    New switch box with 2 8mm av

    New chassis need better pic though

    New custom made emitter

    Salvage custom

    My full custom hilt (unnamed as of yet)
    Just needs a pommel insert, still debating on what to make.

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    Hey Dave, it's been bit quiet round here lately. Always nice to see custom builds and mods. Keep up the good work dude.


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    Thank you, Im working on the chassis now. Since i finally figured out why i could load my stls into chitubox.
    Should get the buttons and final parts for the hilt done this weekend.


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