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    Hey all...

    I am making a shoto and have no room externally for a kill-plug so I am opting for an internal kill-switch. So the switch has to be small. My worry is that the ones that I am looking at might not work for what I need. I am using a Proffieboard/neopixel with the Panasonic Li-Ion 18650 3.7V 3400mAh battery. Although the switches I'm finding are rated for 20V to 50V the rating for the Amps is usually around 1ma to 2ma. Are these switches ok? Will they allow enough power to cross?

    Thanks in advance for any help =]

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    What sorts of switches are you looking at? I'm not sure what switches would show milliamp current ratings. You need to look at the DC current rating, not the voltage (you'd be hard pressed to find something that wasn't rated for at least 5v). Many switches only show AC current ratings, this is because DC will arc over greater distances and they are not rated for DC usage.


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