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    I hope someone can help. I am looking to make my saber chassis in multiple parts for easy maintenance, I was just curious if using USB or micro USB connectors (not the cable just the male/female parts) to connect the separate chassis wiring... or even the 1.3 recharger port. Would either be able to handle the W/Amp of, lets say a 18650 3.7 LI rechargeable?? I know about the JST connector, but I've found them to be overly tight and difficult to separate.

    Thank you in advance for any help.


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    Why not use the connectors that are used for neopixel? They can definitely handle the voltage and are easy to make a compression fit

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    Thanks for the thoughts. Unfortunately I need something that at least has a friction fit so the parts/wires stay together, such as something that has m/f parts

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    Yeah! You can still use them though? Just have a latch that holds the two pieces together, they are used frequently in big fancy chassis that separate into multiple pieces

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    I recommend using aviation style connectors which you can find by search for GX16 or GX12. This is how I've been making removeable chassis parts for years, and even the first pixel blades. (I still use it for pixel blades)


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