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Thread: Blade parts questions.

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    Default Blade parts questions.

    Hi! I want to make some blades (mix of Tri-Cree and NeoPixels). I live abroads and can make a single buy. So I've joined with a couple of friends to order parts for around 10 blades. As I say, we have a mix of Tri-Crees and NeoPixels, and want to standardize in 1" heavy blades.
    Now come the questions:

    1) What's the difference between the Blade Film and the LED Blade Diffuser? The blades I have have a translucent white tube with an internal wrapping of a film that looks like cellophan or polyethylene. So the question is if I should either the Blade Film or the Blade Diffuser, and if the film, how may wraps.

    2) For the NeoPixels, I assume I should use the translucent white because that's the only ones offered in TCSS for that. Also, I should use the foam plus the diffuser, right?

    3) I've read that for combat sabers only round mirrored tips are acceptable. But NeoPixels require a pointed hollow tip. Am I right in my understanding?

    If this is so, I would think about buying only white translucent tubes+balde diffusers. Then, foam, pointy tips and pcb adaptors for those that want NeoPixels, and rounded mirrored tips for those using Tri-Cree.

    To make an example, if I want 3 Tri-Cree and 2 NeoPixels blades I would need:
    5 x 1" Thick walled Trans White PolyC 40" long
    5 x 40" LED blade diffuser for 1" thick walled blades
    3 x Trans White shouldered 1" thick walled blade tip with reflective disc
    2 x Foam tube for 7/8" thin and 1" thick tubes V2
    2 x 1" Thick walled Trans White parabolic Pixel blade tip
    2 x 1" Thick Walled Pixel Blade Adapter

    4) Would this be the correct parts list?

    5) Which items should I over order because they are prone to breaking on install?

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    I don't think you really need to worry about ordering extras, maybe the diffuser.

    Are you really set on using white blades? Especially for the the tri-cree blades, the thick white will wash out the color, especially in well lit places.

    The parts you have listed are sufficient to build blades, but I've never built using those materials, so hopefully someone else will comment.

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    Ok, so let's discuss a few things here to perhaps help give some guidance. Neopixel blades although amazing are not for hard dueling. Light choreography is fine but nothing more than that, especially if you live where it's harder to get parts. The blades tend to cost around 100 bucks so it's just not worth risking breaking one to duel with. So always have one neopixel for show and one tricree for dueling

    So with that said, lets break down the rest of the questions.
    1)blade film is more like cellophane and the diffuser is a transwhite tube that slides inside of the thin walled blades(thin wall only). Traditionally I always use the cellophane for my tricree blades and the diffuser in the neopixel, it does wash the colors out ever so slightly but it does help give a more even look to the neopixel blade. You can usually just buy a whole roll of cellophane from your local craft store, and the number depends on your taste, I usually use a couple feet.

    2) you don't have to use the transwhite blade technically for everything, but it looks so much better in my taste on neopixel. I actually prefer clear blades for all my tricree builds, because the colors look just a bit better, especially after sanding the blade. The clear blades will have a slightly more vivid color but you will run the chance of seeing and imperfection or shadowing more. Stick with the transwhite for neopixel and clear for tricree. And like I said above, you don't have to use the diffuser but it does help distribute the light more evenly(for neopixel, not tricree).

    3)like I said above, do not use neopixel for your dueling.... Unless you have absolute confidence in your ability to fix and replace individual LEDs should you happen to burst one, just not worth it. Use the tricree for fighting. As far as tips go, the bullet tips look sooooo much better ..... If you happen to catch someone with the tip(especially if it is scuffed up after use) it can definitely cut you which is why they say to use the rounded tips, I say it's a good excuse to get better and yes neopixel needs to use the parabolic tips which is a more rounded bullet shape(the best looking tip out of all of them.

    Fun side tip, if you use the mirrored tips, cut a small hole in the center of the mirror and it allows for better light distribution inside the tip.

    Also side note, don't use heavy blades for neopixel, it will make them overly top-heavy and not at all great for fast movement. You can use heavy grade for the tricree if you really need to..... But I don't see the need unless you are hulk smashing things? I have always used thin walled blades and I finally cracked the tip of the blade on one of mine after about 5 years of pretty heavy use.
    Also make sure you have the shop cut your blades to length for you.... It's just so much easier than using a pipe cutter
    Hope this all helps
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    Thanks for your input! Do you sand the clear one on the inside or the outside?
    We already have some transwhite thin blades here. That's why I wanted to standardize in heavy. That and because my brother and me have a background on fencing so we actually hit us hard. Did rugby, hockey and paintball, so I we have a pretty high pain threshold.

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    Absolutely! And you sand the outside of the blade for evenly in the direction towards the blade tip.... It helps with the color distribution to the edges of the blade. As far the heavy grade blade goes, it is all up to you, I'm not sure what style of fencing you are used to..... I personally like having the weight distributed close to where my grip is(or as close as I can get it, sometimes it's towards the blade emitter) because it allows me to have good control and fast movements(similar to the epee) and you will not be able to achieve that with heavy blades without some heavy hilt modification. Good luck either way friend if you need anything else let us know


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