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Thread: Smooth Swing Fonts On NBv4??

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    OK, so I'm still trying to figure this one out. If I go ahead and download the smooth swing font, is there a way to edit the files to NOT be smooth swing formatted? If so, what program would I use to do that?

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    There is literally no reason to go through that, download both versions if you have to also have the smooth swing. Its a whopping 7 extra dollars going to someone who works like crazy to contribute to this community. You will spend hours trying to convert something

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    Well, that's the problem. The font I want ONLY comes in smooth swing, and is not compatible with my NBv4. I was asking if I went ahead and bought the smooth swing font, could I convert it into a format that is compatible with the NBv4?

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    Do you already have the NBV4? You should just get the CFX it's only like 20 bucks more and completely worth it

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    Yeah, I've already got it. I've never done any soldering or electronics work, so I went with the electronics kit they sell from the store. Would love the CFX, but I don't have the necessary skills to wire it.

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    It is a pretty expensive hobby to get Into, especially initially buying the soldering station and tools. But soldering itself is super easy, it just takes a little practice! Get a practice soldering board and practice


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