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Thread: New to saber building and I need help!

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    Question New to saber building and I need help!

    Hey all! I recently decided to start building a saber. I want to do something LS6/OW inspired and I decided to randomly buy some stuff that looked right off eBay.
    Well I got the parts today thinking they'd be the whole emitter and neck pieces, and I'm not exactly sure what I got.
    I was hoping y'all could help me out identifying what I got and where I can get the rest of the emitter (seems to be missing the outer flanged part) and how to connect them together.
    Thanks in advance
    Here's the parts

    Also I hope I posted this in the right spot ( I haven't used forums in AGES)

    So I figured out that the inner emitter is from a Korbanth K4! Now could someone point me in the direction of getting the flanged part? I'm still looking, and scouring the internets for parts.
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