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    Hey there,
    I am currently working on only my second Saber install and was hoping that someone would be able to help me with a couple of questions. I am installing a Romans MK1 with a Rudy Pando crystal chamber. I am very much a beginner when it comes to the electronics side of things. I have looked through the manual and any info I could get and have arrived at the attached wiring diagram.
    This is my first build with this type of switch setup. The switches will be wired into a 3pin SIP connector so they are removeable. One of these pins/wires from the switch is labelled 'AUX'. I am not understanding what this is for, do I need it and if so where would this connect to in my wiring diagram?
    My second question is about the 5mm Accent LED for the crystal, this pad that I am connecting to on the NB4 is a 3.3v pad, does this mean that the board limits the voltage on this pad to this value going to the LED?
    The accent LED has a forward voltage of 3.2-3.8v and runs at 20ma, so I am unsure if I need to resister this LED?
    Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Aux is for auxiliary switch, or a second switch. Many of the more advanced boards provide for an auxiliary switch to activate auxiliary functions. NBV4 doesn't have an auxiliary switch, so you don't have to worry about it, unless you want to wire a second switch to the same wire as your main switch, which would basically make the second switch operate the same as the first.

    Wiring diagram looks solid! Good luck on the Pando MK1 install. I have one coming up as well, when I get my chamber in.


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    OK thanks for the help, that explains a lot. So as i have it with 2 momentary switches in the wiring diagram, I assumed one would be to turn the saber on and one to turn it off. So this would be one wire from each switch to the negative on the board, that leaves me with 2 wires to connect, 1 to activate at board and I am still not sure where the other wire would connect to, would this be activate also? Or could I just use one momentary switch as an on off button and forget about the other? Hope this makes sense, sorry for the basic questions.

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    Got all my chamber fitted and customised, just need to get the electronics sorted now.20200928_152550.jpg

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    Looks good! I also have this on my list to do. May I ask what chassis you are using? I will be running the same set up as you but none of the usual chassis for the MK1/Rudy Pando CC (Shtok, Goth) will fit an 18650 battery and NBV4. I will be doing neopixel, so the 18650 is a must.

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    I am using a shtok chassis with an 18500 battery. The manual for the shtok chassis seems to say that it's possible to get an 18650 battery in there. See attached.


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