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Thread: NBV4 Wiring Help (recharge port, battery, and momentary)

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    Default NBV4 Wiring Help (recharge port, battery, and momentary)

    Hi everyone. I've scoured the boards, looked at diagrams, and designed what I think is a correct wiring diagram. However, when I power up my unit, the only thing that works is the momentary switch's LED.

    Below you will find my board, as wired. Is this correct? If you have the momentary LED wired and functioning correctly, does it matter which side the positive and negative connections are coming from the activation wire from the NBV4 (yellow wire) and the neutral that's connected to the other neutral terminal?

    Any help would be much appreciated. I can't seem to get a boot sound to play. I've got the speakers wired to the two terminals and everything set up EXCEPT the LEDs. I don't have them connected yet.

    Nano Biscotte Neopixel Wiring v2.jpg

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    wiring looks correct from what I can tell. Photos of your installation may help diagnose potential issues. You may also need to format and reload the SD card. It's hard to say without further diagnostics.

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    My wiring is basically a mess because I was just trying to get it to work before making it pretty in the saber. In the picture, the disconnected BLUE wires would be going to the GND on the strip(s), the disconnected RED wire would be going to the +5V on the strip(s), and the disconnected green would be going to the data on the strip(s).

    I have the two polls of the momentary switch joined (like in the diagram), and they both go to the board and the white input on the recharge port. I have the LED+ coming from the 3.7v on the board through a resistor. I have the Board+ coming from the activation port on the board.

    On the recharge port, I have the PORT- going to the BATTERY- and the PORT+ going both to the BATTERY+ and the BOARD+ and the empty 5V+ that would be the LEDs.

    Everything else is wired as in the diagram. The LED activates when I pull out the charging port pin, but when i press the momentary switch, it doesn't play the boot sound. I put the card into my computer and all of the files that were loaded on it from TCSS haven't been touched.

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    Ok, so here's an interesting development. I put my ohm meter on the momentary switch BLACK and the momentary YELLOW. When I click the switch, the ohms DROP. Could that mean they're wired in reverse? I didn't think it mattered, but maybe it does?

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    Ok... here's another try. I wired a second NBV4 without the recharge port and it works just fine (see below). Between this one and the other one. I'm not sure what I'm doing incorrectly.



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