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    Default First Lightsaber Build

    This is the first custom saber that I have built. All materials were purchased through the custom saber shop, and I did all the electronics and modifications myself, I am very proud.
    It is installed with a Crystal Focus X sound module, a 28mm bass speaker, a 5mm red LED momentary switch combo for primary button, a black momentary switch for auxiliary button, and a Neopixel string blade.

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    Very nice. The grip section looks good in black. Well done man.


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    Thank you!! I am very happy with how it turned out.

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    Dude that saber is awesome! Very impressive for a 1st build. What extension did you use for the grip? I like it a lot. Black powder coat?

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    The extension is the "4" Double Female Grooved without holes". I did not have it powder coated, I used a primer and matte spray paint, so over time it'll start to naturally weather. That way if it ever gets to a weathered look I like, I can seal it as is, or repaint it if I want it to look pristine.

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    It's very cool. Good job!

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    Nicely done and congrats on your first!

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    If that is your first saber, congrats on the design!!!!!! Great job.

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