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Thread: Question on profile board V2 board

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    I wired up my profile V2 for a single neopixel blade purchased from the store item TWShowPXL355. I listed the number of pixels as 132 in the config editor on the profile V2 site. I had no trouble uploading the config file to the board, but when I power it up, it only stays lit for 30-45 seconds and then the low battery alert sounds and it powers down. I am using a Nerfworxlab 18650 3120mah 15amp battery that is fully charged. I also checked for voltage on the positive and negative leads and have 3.2 volts when on. I posted the issue I was having on TRA site and someone asked if it's a v1 or V2 pixel blade from the custom saber shop. I am assuming it's a version 1 which has the 264 pixels wired in series, and then I would put maxledsperstrip as 264 and 264 as the BladeConfig number? I've ordered a new 18650 3.7 3120mah 15 amp battery from the shop in case the current one is defective. I think it might be something in my config file. When I enter just 132 LED's in the config editor, the blade only lights up a quarter of way, but when I enter 264, the entire blade lights up, but only lasts a minute at most. Then the low battery alert sounds. Please advise if anyone else has had this issue before. Thank you.

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    My guess is that you have the V1 Pixel Strips that are 264 wired in series.

    3.2 Volts is not a "full" battery. A fully charged 18650 is 4.1-4.2 Volts. Your board will cease to function at around 3.2 volts or so, so yeah, you have a dead battery as it were. That seems to be your major problem.

    TRA is better forum for support on your board, since TCSS doesn't sell Proffieboards.

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    Thanks Tom, I posted on TRA and I was asked which version of the KR blade I have from the css. I figured it was v1 because of the item number it was listed did not have v2 at end. I checked my recharge port for continuity and all looks good there, but it may not be charging correctly. I’ll try a new one along with new battery. Thanks again for the help.


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