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    Hi! I'm Grey, I'm pretty new to the saber community.

    After taking costs and such into account, I've decided that my first saber will be a CFX/Neopixel custom build. If anyone would like to just double-check the parts I have listed below to make sure I'm not missing anything, it would help a ton. Other than wires, a chassis, and a blade, here is the complete list:

    -- CFX
    -- US Dark Initiate V5 (empty)

    -- Pre-Soldered Pixel PCB Hilt side connecter and 7 pins
    -- MWS Standard Style Momentary Switch
    -- MWS Long Latching 16mm AV switch
    -- MWS Panasonic Li-Ion 18650 3.7V 3400mAh PCB
    -- MWS Recharge Port
    -- 2W 28mm Bass Speaker

    Side Question: For CFX/Neopixel sabers, should I be using 2 momentary switches, 2 latching switches, or one of each? Haven't really been able to find anything that answers this in the forums. Any help with this is appreciated.

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    You need one of the 15A batteries for a pixel blade. the 3400mah cell will not work.

    It's momentary switches. Read the manual for the board.
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