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Thread: sound quit working after re-soldering

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    Default sound quit working after re-soldering

    Hi folks

    I had to do some resoldering on my 1 year old crystal focus x saber and since then I have no sound at all. The saber still lights up.

    I've doublechecked all the solder joints. I've removed the speaker and tested it with a multi-meter, get 3-4ohms, and also with the 9v batter test, it responds to the battery.

    I've made no changes to any files or config since it was last working.

    Connected it to my pc via RICE and the config looks ok from there, I can adjust color settings, etc... but cannot make any sound.

    Could I have blown the sound amp or sound circuit on the board when resoldering it? Is that something that can happen?

    Anything I can check out before I order a new CFX card? Bummer they're out of stock or I'd probably have ordered one already.

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    Share some photos of the job and we might be able to lend some insight. Did you remove the SD before soldering? It's probably not the speaker.


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