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Thread: Parts by Size for compatibility?

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    Default Parts by Size for compatibility?

    I am currently working on two Sabers

    1. Empty hilt from other company
    2. 2010 Hasbro Anakin

    Trying to use only TCSS parts but running into issues like Pommel insert is too small for the Hasbro hilt, also too large for the other hilt.
    Currently using a digital caliper to help measure for components. would love to be able to use TCSS pommels on other sabers.
    recently purchased the 4x AAA battery pack with speaker for the Anakin saber but seems like sanding is required (not a problem, more like "happy to sand it if that's the recommended way")

    obviously not interested in a saber that rattles.

    Thank you for any views and comments!

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    That's a hard one to do really successfully if you don't have the machinery like lathes to do proper adjustments to the parts. I find it is easier to keep a pommel and drill your own holes in it rather than trying to modify another to fit it. The MHS parts are finely tuned to fit each other which is really great when building a "from scratch" saber but in turn makes it hard sometimes to make them fit other applications they aren't designed for

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    Definitely a challenge. There will always be some "editing" of the material when you try to combine different species. Short of machining your own parts or 3D printing them to fit, it will take some amount of sanding, filing, and filling. It will depend on how nice a "finish" you want to have and how professional you want your internals to be and the extent to which you want this to be a show piece or battle-hardened.

    Typically, you will do whatever it takes to make it fit and function as long as you hide your blemishes. This is especially true if this is just for your personal use and satisfaction.


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