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Thread: Blade won't turn off, what is my issue?

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    Default Blade won't turn off, what is my issue?

    Just finished the wiring for a saber build, and the blade won't turn off once its turned on without inserting the kill key to completely power off the saber. When I ignite the blade, it is also just white rather than whatever color I try to set it to, and it turns on all at once rather than sequentially (it's a neopixel blade). I'm using a normal 18650 battery, and I've read a few places that a 15A battery might be needed for neopixel sabers, is that what is causing my issues?

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    You definitely need a 15A battery, that will cause failures, but it sounds like there are much more issues happening here. Can you describe more about the build? What soundboard, what neopixel strips are being used, wiring diagram of what you did, or pictures? You have given lots of issues with very little context lol

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    The battery is definitely the first stop on this troubleshooting. Agree with Light Bringer -- could be more happening.

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    You likely have a switch issue, or you have it set so that you have to hold the switch down for a couple of seconds to turn off.
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