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Thread: Ideas for Hiding Blade Holder Seam

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    Hey @Rennek ! I put together a little Proof-Of-Concept post over at TheRPF for you (I just now am seeing we can finally add images here, BLAST-IT!, when did that happen, oh well, that's too much to retype and reupload) about how I hide the seams (as best I can anyway)...

    Hopefully this is what you were needing to see! If not, thank you for the inspiration to get me moving again on parts that have been sitting around unfinished for too long! Not that they're a finished piece or anything, they're just some randomly assembled TCSS parts for demonstration purposes only, that noone but you ever need pay any attention to: Waves hand.

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    Another option is to lightly sand down the end of the led holder so its shorter. But remember use fine wet sand paper and check the fit often. That way yiu get a tight fit with almost no gap in the hilt.


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