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Thread: CFX Orientation: New Guy with Probably Old Questions

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    Hello all! Long time, first time. So I've been the proverbial fly on the wall for a while now, trying to discreetly answer as many questions as I can from past posts before asking my own questions, but I have a question I haven't been able to find a clear answer for. I have a saber build I'm currently working on and I'm setting up the crystal chamber trying to master the forbidden art of Cram-Fu but I'm having trouble finding clear information on the orientation of the CFX board in relation to the ground plane. Does the board understand gravity in relation to being parallel the ground plane or can it be turned 90deg on the Y-Axis (ref: Side View 2_CFX Orientation) and still function normally, assuming the correct config value [0;3] is selected before install? If it can be turned 90deg it would save me a lot of space for a stunning crystal chamber, but I wanted to make sure before designing for it only to find out it doesn't work. Thank you all for any information, past and present.Side View 1_CFX Orientation.jpgSide View 2_CFX Orientation.jpg

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    how long is that hilt? Because I honestly don’t see either way being practical. You have left no room for any wires. You can have the CFX in either direction, though I try to keep my CFX PARALLEL to the ground as a reference. But it can really work either way.
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    Awesome, thank you that helps a lot! Sorry for the lack of build update, I'm working on it currently and haven't had a chance to update the current CAD model, but I'll make sure there's plenty of room for the wires. Just had to get the question answered before I moved too far in Solidworks Thank you, again!

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