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Thread: Working with sound fonts on CFX

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    Default Working with sound fonts on CFX

    I made an attempt to substitute some sound font files on the SD card, renaming a few of them and while the boot, poweron, poweroff, and swings, seemed to work fine, for some reason the blaster and clash sounds didn't activate at all? Any ideas?
    I renamed an abrupt sounding swing font, "Swing9" to "Blaster2" for example and the card didn't see it. I was pulling some sounds from other font folders to create a overall different font set.


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    Are you copying files from one CFX compatible font to another CFX compatible font? Or are you trying to replace specific files with custom made other files to use instead? You have to make sure the audio files are encoded properly if you are doing the second method or the board won't detect them. There is a guide on how to do that somewhere on here that I have used in the past. Most likely the encoding isn't compatible and you will need to edit and re-encode them properly.

    If the files are in the proper format 16bit 44.1khz or 22.050khz. The other thing that sometimes works is to remove all files from the SD card and re-format it then place them back on and replace in the saber.
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    Thanks... I'll have to try the last idea you mentioned about moving all of the files at once to the card vs just replacing one folder of fonts. To answer the other question, I was simply relocating one existing font to folder and renaming it to match the naming convention, i.e. Swing1. I was also considering attempting to make some sounds myself, but after having a problem right away with what I already did, I wasn't sure I wanted to try the harder thing. I have Audacity on my computer if I do end up trying to create something.


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