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Thread: PCB contact board for battery pack?

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    Default PCB contact board for battery pack?

    I'm currently rebuilding Ani/Vader 2010 saber and i would like to recreate the way the OEM battery worked.
    it was originally 3x AA, I've seen the 4x AAA that's in the shop that looks perfect, but I'm wondering about using the NeoPixel blade connectors for the top of the battery pack?
    is this something those contacts could be used for? is the resistor an issue on the premade ones?

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    It could be used for that.. the resistor doesn't matter as you wont be using the data line for the battery. If you want to pass the speaker through it as well then that is a different story but you can just bypass the resistor by jumping the pads. Not sure if you can wire both with only the 3 paths though like they do on the fx sabers.
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