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Thread: Documenting First Build, Looking for Input

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    View down the Emitter (AKA: Luke Skywalker's view ):

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    This is what I have so far.
    In regards to Li-ion batteries, how snug of a hold is "too much" and how much is "too loose"?
    My chassis allows the battery to go in smoothly for each of my batteries (I purchased a few to have the option of swapping them out when needed). The circumference space/gap for the battery is minimal, but noticeable when I wiggle it (maybe 1/4 mm ish). The vertical space/gap for the battery is under 1mm for each battery. Would it be beneficial to add a little craft foam for these tolerances?

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    If the battery doesn’t slide around too easily, then you’re good. The fact that you have that little blocker there is good.
    id be more concerned about accessing the chassis as a while, once everything is wired into place, though that does depend on how you would do things.
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