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Thread: Question about preassembled 7/8 pixel blade on TCSS store

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    Default Question about preassembled 7/8 pixel blade on TCSS store

    Im building a graflex ANH saber with Goths inner chassis and a proffieboard v2. Im wondering if anyone has used bought and used the preassembled 7/8 pixel blade that is in the store. Is it basically the same as one youd build yourself? Are there 2 LED strips inside? I know itd be cheaper to buy parts and assemble my own but Im willing to pay the premium for a preassembled saber if I was sure that its basically a good product. My time frame is such that I could use a head start on this part of it.


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    They are made using the pixel sticks versus pixel strips. They are directly soldered to a custom PCB so there is as little of a gap before the pixels start as possible as well as no wires to stress.
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