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    I have several misc. questions here:

    In working with RICE I setup the CFX to utilize the vertical motion to control the "mute on boot" and volume levels but so far I haven't been able to get the saber itself to enter this function. What am I missing?
    Also, another quirk that I've been observing when trying to access the "Aux" menus for the sound font selection, that sometimes the blade illuminates half way? This is prior to activation of the saber. On this note of illuminating the blade while not active, how do I display the PLI bar graph across the blade?
    Has anyone bought the "Wow" speaker from TCSS for $12, the one that is 4ohms 3 watts where it couldn't handle the volume of the CFX and just died? RICE defaults to 100% on the volume. My speaker lasted maybe two days and then suddenly went silent. I pulled it out and found that it has no continuity across the terminals, i.e. it's dead.


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    I have no idea.

    That pressing the aux button and the blade lighting up half way IS the PLI function you’re looking for.

    I always adjust the volume by manually editing the SD card.
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