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Thread: Finally got all my MHS Hilt Parts!

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    Default Finally got all my MHS Hilt Parts!

    It took a while, but well worth the wait! (Real life getting in the way, others buying out the stock before I could order, etc. It all added up.) I had a specific concept in my head. This thing is just what I was looking for! Can't praise Tim/TCSS enough in both customer service and product! Now, I have to stuff this saber. It will be a neopixel blade with a CFX board build.

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    Nice emitter. I like that a lot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Forgetful Jedi Knight View Post
    Nice emitter. I like that a lot.
    Thanks. I've always liked the chamfered cutout look and tried to keep it out of the way of the pixel base. When I get it finished, I'll post pics and let you know if I was successful.

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