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    Not sure where to place this. I am working on build idea using a prophecy v3 I got as a mystery box. Iíve got a pretty ambitious build planned. Plan is to build an RGB saber using a CF-x board and an 18650 cell. The blade color in my mystery box was arctic blue. I had planned to reuse this led module since it is rgb, but I know nothing about these leds they are using.

    Iíve found a chassis for NB4 and it fits my saber so I printed it. It looks like I can make it work for the CFx since itís smaller than nano biscotte.

    So thoughts on reusing the US led?

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    Welcome to the forum friend this upgrade should actually go pretty smooth for you, assuming you are well versed in soldering and the normal skills of the build. CFX board is a great choice, just make sure to switch out the battery pack they gave you for an 3.7v 18650, and the switch for a momentary one. As far as the LED goes, they generally use older style LEDs that they can find cheaper. They really don't stack up compared to the tri-cree LEDs from TCSS as far as brightness and the amount of power they can handle, so I would absolutely switch that sucker out. If you have any other questions with the build feel free to ask away

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    I’ve got the tri Cree xp-E2 in my cart. I’ll save that arctic blue configuration for something else. I’ve got everything but wire in my cart, I will source that locally. I’ll be following the wiring diagram in the CF manual. No room for a charging port, I’m just going to wire in a QD for the battery.

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    You can always wire the recharge port and just have it floating inside if you wanted it, I personally like removable batteries when possible bc it makes swapping them out fast. Also make sure you have an aux switch as well for the blaster sounds and blade lock up!

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    My first hilt build was a Prophecy (probably v1). Light Bringer is right, there is not an existing aux switch hole on that hilt, and it really makes the CF a lot more functional. I mounted a control box over the existing switch hole, and mounted two switches inside it for mine. It really made it look a lot like a Vader hilt, but sleeker. Good luck, and enjoy your build!

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    I really like the control box sold in the store, but it is too long for the band. I may have to design something and print it.

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    There's already a preexisting hole in the middle of the band for the switch, so that cover wouldn't work. I had an old control box that I had my friend cut down at his machine shop to fit.

    Edit: that cover could work, but you'd need to shim it under the aux switch because it would hang off the band.


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