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Thread: Converting a 2010 Hasbro Anikin to NeoPxl

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    Default Converting a 2010 Hasbro Anikin to NeoPxl

    Starting my conversion of a "rescue" light saber from Facebook, Just got the Ani removable blade kit. (5* for quality of parts, some sanding required)
    Also ordered Box 1 again (4* amazing quality, holes didn't match up with OE Ani saber but also no notes saying it should)
    Now I'm looking for proper thumb screws to replace the OE ones? also looking for any wiring tips for converting to NeoPxl.

    Any kind of check list with links to matching parts would be a huge help.
    also any info on using a thick wall instead of a thin (really concerned with dueling)
    So far:
    -2010 Anikin/Darth Vader Removable saber hilt
    -Ani Metal removable blade conversion

    -Proper internals sleeve
    -New board
    -Neopxl PCB (hilt side)
    -Large thumb screw (front, Decorative measures .80inc or 20.33mm)
    -Med. thumb screw (Rear, Originally held in OE Blade, 17.3mm head, not sure if it should be cut and re used or just replaced?)
    -Bras prongs on front? (On the OE there were 4 brass prongs jammed into the plastic, in the Ani replacement they are threaded?)
    -Replacement Set Screw(not sure what size the threads are on the Ani conversion?)
    -Metal Mesh (for bottom mount speaker)

    Other Thoughts
    Has anyone considered placing some sensors at the tip of the blade to improve swing sound accuracy?
    i.e. dragging your saber along the ground allows it to properly make sounds instead of the single board that only makes sound based on hilt impact and movement.

    Thanks everyone for the help, maybe this can turn into an Ani Tutorial at some point. will upload photos to show amazing quality of new parts!
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    We will have a pixel adapter that will fit the conversion kits in stock soon.
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