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Thread: LED wiring diagram for the Tricree XP-E2 Red Red White

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    Default LED wiring diagram for the Tricree XP-E2 Red Red White

    Hello all, Im new to the saber building universe and I am stuck trying to wire a RRW tricree to a NBV4, and I am wondering if anyone has a good diagram to explain how to wire everything. I have a regular LED switch, the power XTender, and I am using a Li-Ion battery. I am not using a recharging port. I
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    Hey man, welcome to the hobby! Before you ever build anything, you want to make sure you slowly work your way through the nb4 manual. Not only will it give you tips of best practices in the build process, it also gives really detailed diagrams of exactly how to wire it up. If you need a copy of the manual, go to the plecter labs website or under the details for the board on the custom saber shop website. After reading through it, give us an update if anything else is unclear!

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