I just finished putting together my first lightsaber w/ a NBv4 and was having some issues that I couldn't find any answers about on the internet.

1) I was trying to get some soundfonts from the set that comes on the CFX. I got "crucible" to work, but "the negotiator" hasn't been working. I tried using all of the files that come with the CFX, and tried only using the files I needed (this is a screenshot of the files I was using: https://imgur.com/a/wpWQr0L). when I try to select the font, instead of playing the "font" file, it just plays a beep. then when I try to ignite it, the color flashes very briefly (and is very dim)

2) when swinging my saber around, it will randomly start beeping very rapidly, then reboots (Im afraid that it is a short, but don't know where it is occurring [my wiring is not great, and I don't think I would be able to take it apart at this point])