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    Unhappy Battery Question

    I'm running into issues on my LS6 build where the speaker is getting somewhat smashed when i screw the pommel in. I've concluded that either a: the speaker is too thick or b: the battery is too long. I'm using a 3w 20mm speaker (its rather narrow) and a DM Sony Li-Ion 18650 3.7V 15A 3120mA battery. would a 2400mA battery be significantly shorter? I didn't see dimension information on the site, thoughts?

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    No, they’re the same size.
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    The size of the battery is in the name.. 18650 is roughly 18mm in diameter and 65mm long. The batteries can vary slightly in size depending on amount of heatshrink, length of PCb, etc. So if you need it significantly shorter you would need something like a 18500 which is 50mm long.
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    I attached some photos for reference. The pommel screws in until it's just about flush with the bottom. The speaker seems to protrude a bit, hence the smash. i scratched out some space in the chassis, hoping to make some extra room in case that was the issue (didnt' help). Perhaps that 18500 is the answer because my 18650 is hitting the top of the battery sleeve in the chassis (note, using this chassis: ). Let me know if you have any thoughts beyond the battery replacement, i feel as if i might be missing something.



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