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Thread: Why Solder to Top of Pad Rather Than Inserting Wire Through the Pad Hole?

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    Default Why Solder to Top of Pad Rather Than Inserting Wire Through the Pad Hole?

    Hello from smoky Seattle.

    Student question that I can't answer:
    why solder wires to the top of a pad rather than inserting the wire end into the pad hole and soldering like that?
    To save space above the pad?

    Thanks again for the wisdom!

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    Maintenance on Through hole is a bit harder and requires a braid or pump to remove solder. Top solder is easier because you just heat it up and slide it off.

    however, top solder introduces risk of tear pads off the pcb. Through hole typically does not.

    both have pros and cons.
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    Good question! And there are multiple reasons,
    1) it allows to save space above the wire
    2) it allows you to solder the wire in the direction that the wire is running(less stress on it)
    3) it allows for a stronger solder joint because there is more wire being soldered to the pad, which in turns makes it more resistant to bending and jostling around

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    Soldering through makes it easier to solder to both sides since the wire is less likely to ping off, although one side would usually be surface.

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    Surface soldering allows you to easily repair a joint if necessary. Also, it allows you to lay you wiring flat a d if you plan it properly, makes running wires easier with less stress on the wire (as was previously mentioned). Also, trying to clean up a through hole solder joint is NOT a fun experience especially if there are stands of wire still in there.
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    Thanks for the wisdom!
    It all makes sense, especially the part about repairing mistakes.

    Not that we make mistakes in the classroom, of course.


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